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"The varied repertoire electrified the large public present, who appreciated the accuracy of the performance and the sensitivity of the two artists."

The Public Diplomacy Agenda, June 2, 2006

"This was a night that many among the audience will not forget, as proved by the endless rounds of applause and standing ovations through which the public deemed it fit to acclaim the two artists."

The New Sovereign, September 13, 2005

"Over the period of just a few years into their career, Romeo and Julia Saleno have managed to raise the public from three continents (Europe, America, and Africa) to their feet."

“Tenor Romeo Saleno and soprano Julia Saleno awarded in Las Vegas”, The Liberty Daily, June 8, 2011

"Watching Romeo and Julia Saleno deliver one of their unique performances equals a tenderness transplant."

“Romeo and Julia Saleno, two golden voices of pop opera, will perform on Broadway”, The Harmony Magazine, May 3, 2011

"The numerous and important awards received by Romeo and Julia Saleno have outstandingly confirmed the high hopes invested in them."

The Agenda Magazine, March 2006

"Their brilliant voices – together with the force and ease with which they sing – convey a state of happiness and lightness of being to the audience, whoever the latter may be."

The Free Word, March 3, 2006

"Romeo and Julia Saleno, two remarkable presences on the lyrical stage, play parts which involve tremendous artistic responsibility."

The Free World, December 5-11, 2003