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Tenor Romeo Saleno and soprano Julia Saleno form together the first pop opera couple in the world, deemed by specialists in the field to be genuine “golden voices” of the international stage and two of the most in vogue representatives of the genre nowadays.


The repertoire of the couple formed by Romeo and Julia Saleno follows the romantic coordinates of a “Love Story”, a very distinctive show concept which combines styles and rhythms of global inspiration, both modern and classical, into a completely new musical genre: operatic pop or, in short, pop opera. A strongly innovative artistic phenomenon, the concept of pop opera aims at achieving a mélange between two apparently contrasting musical varieties: opera and pop, respectively. 

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Romeo Saleno
The trajectory of an exceptional voice

Tenor Romeo Saleno first sees the light of day in the heart of Transylvania, in one of Prince Stephen the Great’s old fortresses, Cetatea de Baltă, on July 5, 1974, on a blessed Friday. “I love nature, music and horses!”, states Romeo Saleno enthusiastically, as one who – ever since early childhood – has lived surrounded by the abundance and variety of a true earthly paradise and in a family with a very strong shared passion for music.

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Julia Saleno
The biography of a successful soprano

Soprano and composer Julia Saleno is born in the heart of Transylvania on January 15, 1980. Little Julia sees the light of day amidst a family with noble roots and cosmopolitan origins – Italian and Polish on her mother’s side, as well as Hungarian due to her paternal legacy.

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